PEER TO PEER            [SPOILERS: scroll right]

// VR videogame / experience, Android

// Behaviourism, peer pressure



Peer to Peer is taking up your behaviour and turns it into a tool for you to explore. Every choice you make in the game will change you to be more or less of an individual. The game intends to mimic real life situations in a playful, immersive, and slightly dissociative way. You find yourself in between settings where it becomes hard to judge what would be the ‘right’ choice, evoking the question if there is such a thing as a right choice. The answer is complicated and intricate, and different for every situation.


On your way home, you should ask yourself: “Am I still playing?”




Narrator: “You liked being in the small black room. It made you calm and relaxed. So relaxed. There was a mirror just in the middle of the two walls, that were placed so close to each other you could touch them both at the same time. The room was so cosy, you wished you could stay in it forever. But something was weird about your reflection...”


LEVEL 1 || Laundry

Narrator: “You blinked a couple of times. Hmm, you didn’t remember leaving your house, or walking down this street. You must’ve tuned out with all the thoughts that were on your mind lately. You figured you must have been on the way for at least 10 minutes already, considering where you were. What address was it again? Was it the first street to the right or the second? You should have gotten your washing machine fixed, but it was so much easier to just bring it to the dry cleaner. With a sigh, you start walking."

Level 2 || The Desert

Narrator: “You wake up in a vast empty wasteland. How did you get here? You don’t remember. It is as dry as an oven, and your body is making a long shadow. You look up to the sky, and feel the sun burning your face already. Wow... it is terribly hot, and so dusty. As the wind blows a wave of sand away, it reveals shapes. Shapes that look vaguely humanoid. You wipe some dust out of your eyes, and see they are moving – slowly but surely. As you keep looking, you see more and more, to your left, your right, and even behind you. Who are these people? And where are they going?


Suddenly, a woman’s voice appears: “Don’t worry, you’re not lost.”



LEVEL 3 || The Lab

Narrator: “You must have fallen asleep, because you were dreaming so strangely. Damn it! These night shifts were killing your biological rhythm, and you had so much work to do. The clock shows half past one, you slept a long time. But wait...why does the clock look so peculiar? Looking around, you notice more shapes are weird.,, those petri dishes definitely don’t look normal. Was it maybe a trick, to fuck with your head? You could think of some of your colleagues at the psychiatric ward that would pull a joke like that. Sighing loudly, you stand up. You would have to go all the way to the store cupboard to find new ones.


Walking out of the laboratory, you wonder what way you had to go again to get to the cupboard. You really should have paid attention when your colleague, Paul, gave you directions.

You could call him, or see for yourself where to go. He’s always up at night anyways.”





SPOILERS   [Rollover to show. Do not read if you still want to play the game]

For every action that involves a healthy portion of rebellion, you get +1 points. For every action that involves caving in to peer pressure, you get -1 points. In some cases the line between these two becomes quite thin.


The points manifest in the aesthetics of your character, ranging from very blocky to very detailed with a total range of 0 to 10.



//    Alias “The Cupboard”

//    Start of the story



//   The longer you stay in the cupboard without going towards the mirror, the more points you will get, ending up with a score of +2 max.


//   If you go to the mirror directly as told, you will get -1 point.


//   The function of the mirror becomes visible for the first time in the game: you can see yourself change as your score increases or decreases. For more information about points, see “points”.


LEVEL 1 || Laundry

//    A city-like level where the player gets the task to do

      their laundry.

//    Player will have to make a decision between following

      their task or getting sucked into a distractive




//   This level is aimed on the player having the choice to be free / follow the voice, which can in total lead to a score of +4, depending on how far you will roam.


//   As soon as the player leaves the dead end, there will be a square where a man stares at something on top of a building, and in time more and more people will gather around, resulting in a maximum score of -3. A timer will automatically send the player to the next level when the situation starts getting tedious.


Level 2 || The Desert

//   Dream-like desert environment with several scenic attributes.

//   Player will have to make a very clear decision between going

     one way or another.



//  There are two ways to go in this level. Either you follow the people and the voices, all the way through until you jump down the ravine , resulting in a maximum score of -2.


//  Or you can turn around and go into the city, which becomes harder to find because the mist will become thicker and darker, until the point where you can barely see. If you manage to find the water, you end up with a maximum score of +2.


LEVEL 3 || The Lab

//    A hospital environment with a basement and some hallways.

//    Player will have to find their way through the building, with or without




//    Final level. If the player decides to make their own decision right away, they will have the opportunity to get away easily with a maximum score of +3.


//   If the player decides to be lead, it will become more difficult to know what the right choices are and where to go, slowly being sucked into a small labyrinth with changing hallways. Every hallway ends into the cupboard of level 0, which sends the player back to the beginning of the game. This is the official ending of the game, where the player can reflect on their result by looking in the mirror. The player that comes after them will have to deal with their actions, since the character will not refresh and remember the score.